Education in Biochemistry led me to a career as clinical study manager

Consider this line of study if you enjoy sciences.

By a diaspora Kenyan

I’d like to talk a little about my job.  This I hope encourages others, particularly our Kenyan youth who are at that stage of life where they are wondering what to study post-secondary and may be they have a love for sciences. It was a little by coincidence and a love for science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Math) that led me here. Mostly though, I couldn’t have made it without lots of study and hard.

My job title is Clinical Study manager for a pharmaceutical company. My education comprises a MSc and BSc in Biochemistry.

My responsibilities involve managing international clinical studies across varying therapeutic areas for example cardiovascular, oncology, infectious disease, etc., from Phase 1 to Phase IV.

What I like about my job

  • Involved in ground breaking medicines – for example, I was involved in development of Abiraterone, which is used in the treatment of Prostate Cancer.
  • I get to travel both internationally and locally and work with different countries and cultures.
  • Interactions with top medics and hospital staff and therefore build cross-sector relationship.
  • Presenting at international meetings.
  • I can work from home.
  • I witness and I’m part of evolving science.

Some disadvantages

  • While I enjoy travel, periods of prolonged travel does sometimes leave me exhausted. I also have a family which means that when it’s work related travel I’m separated from them.
  • The industry is heavily regulated so constant pressure of audits from government bodies from all over the world, like the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which in turn can create a lot of paperwork and filing.

In it all, I enjoy my job.

The contributor is a Kenyan in the diaspora who wishes to remain anonymous.

~Wakenya Canada

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