Kenyan activist Dr. Margaret Ogola honoured by Google

Earlier this month, Google Africa honoured Kenyan author, pediatrician, and human rights advocate Margaret Atieno Ogola (1958-2011).

Most notably known for her book, The River and The Source which won the 1995 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book, Africa Region, Margaret Ogola is also known for so much more than shaping a generation of African literature enthusiasts and the new age authors.

Kenyans on twitter commended Google for bringing light to this national treasure.

The River and the Source follows four generations of Kenyan women in a rapidly changing country and society. The book has been on the KCSE syllabus for many years, and it won the 1995 the Jomo Kenyatta Prize for Literature (1995) and the  Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for best first book, Africa Region. Ogola completed her final book, titled Mandate of the people, before her death.

There was as part of the commemoration, a special reading of her book The River and the Source held at Prestige Bookshop in Nairobi. Reading were led by her family and several Kenyan authors.

Five reasons to know and honour Margaret Ogola

  1. Authored 3 novels – Other that the notable awarding book, The River and The Source, Magararet Ogola also wrote four other books, two other novels I Swear by Apollo and Place of Destiny; a biography on Cardinal Michael Otunga, A Gift of Grace, and a handbook on parenting, Educating in Human Love.
  2. The Pediatrician – Dr. Ogola served as a paediatrician and the medical director of Cottolengo Hospice, a hospice for HIV and AIDS orphans. She oversaw over 400 health centers in Kenya.
  3. The Leader – She had a heavy influence on Family, Health and Life with several organisations including the Catholic Church.
  4. Dr. Ogola was appointed a member of the National Council for Children Services in Kenya.
  5. Award winner – She was the recipient of the Familias Award for Humanitarian Service of the World Congress of Families in Geneva, Switzerland for her work with Children protection and Women healthcare and empowerment.

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