KGC celebrates 10-year anniversary

Kenya Global Church (KGC) was established in March of 2009. Rev Dr. John Muhia Karanja, his wife Rev Anne Muhia and a few community members came together to start a community-based church.

From its inception, KGC was intended as a community church whose vision is to grow spiritually in a place where love thrives in the acknowledgement that all people matter to God. The church is rooted in biblical teachings and our sole purpose is to win souls for Christ while advocating for togetherness within the community including new comers.

KGC is located at 1900 Davenport Road, Toronto, ON M6N 1B7 and our service starts 12pm every Sunday. The current lead pastor is Rev. Eunice Ndirangu who serves with a 7-member board of directors.

By Jane Njambi.

~Photos by Essie for Wakenya Canada

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