Miguna issue raises a question for us: Is your Kenyadian dual citizenship safe?

Kenya Constitution 2010

The Miguna Miguna saga i.e. deportation to Canada has awaken an issue that many of us in the diaspora were unaware of or may have overlooked.

The politics surrounding it seem ambiguous, even murky, but the law isn’t. Kenyan law clearly stipulates that if one acquired citizenship of another country before promulgation of the 2010 Constitution, that person automatically lost their Kenyan citizenship, since under the repealed Kenyan constitution, Kenyan citizens were allowed only one nationality.


Contrary to common belief, the new constitution did not automatically reinstate those who had renounced their Kenyan citizenship by accepting that of other countries before 2010. The law demands that those who acquired citizenship of other countries before 2010 must to apply to regain their “Birth Right”. Additionally, the same law requires that when one acquires citizenship of another country, he/she should formally notify the Kenyan government within 3 months. It is an offense not to do so.

I wonder how many of those affected have done so.

Unfortunately, many of us are unaware of these legal requirements. Plus, a broken system has made it possible over the years for the Immigration Department to continue renewing passports and ID cards for Kenyans who may have acquired other citizenship(s).


In some cases, ignorance is not bliss so get those papers straightened out.

Learn more: http://www.immigration.go.ke/

~Wakenya Canada

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