Milca Kakete is singing and holding on

Her fourth and latest album is titled Nakung’ang’ania, which means I am holding on.

By Essie Wambui >>>>>

Born Milka John Luziro in Kilwa, South Eastern Tanzania to missionary parents, Milca Kakete has become a music power brand here in North America & elsewhere.

She was 10 years old when her dad passed away, leaving her mother to solely cater for the family. This meant that there were times this last born had to curtail some of her dreams.

“After our dad died, our family could barely make ends meet.” Milca remembers. “Mom prayed each day for us to make it and by God’s grace I was able to continue my singing to the point of releasing my first album.”

Kakete2Milca was gifted and loved singing since childhood but it was not until much later that she recorded her first album, which she refers to as a “miracle”.Kakete1

According to her, that album (Yesu Niko Mbele Zako) touched lives so that one person testified to having been healed of HIV/AIDS after continuously listening to the songs.

Later on, the quiet singer with a strong voice recorded two other albums Mwanangu Njoo, and Nataka Nikuabudu.

Milca says that she likes to encourage people and remind them that for His glory, God chooses who and what appears weak to people.

“God does not look at what titles you carry but a willing and passionate heart.” She says adding that God gives us strength to fulfill His purpose and plan through our gifting.

Her fourth and latest album titled Nakung’ang’ania which means “I am holding on” is now in circulation.

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By Essie Wambui

~Wakenya Canada

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