Talk to My Taste of Africa Catering & Event Group for delicious, multi-ethnic and Pan African cuisine.

One of the joys of living in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the multicultural set-up of its neighbourhoods. You could eat food from any part of the world each day of the year as long as you’re willing to travel to those ethnic enclaves.

What this also means for residents of the GTA is that your network – friends, colleagues and neighbours; are likely to be from all corners of the world.  For any host, the flip side of this then becomes how to cater to the different culinary needs of the diverse guests in most events.

My Taste of Africa Catering & Event Group does just that. We do full service catering and events including weddings, showers, corporate catering, professional staff, cocktail parties, birthdays and graduation parties. We also provide a full line of rentals and drop off service within the GTA.

Working within your budget, My Taste of Africa Catering & Event Group will cater to the unique culinary requirements for delicious food for guests from a range of ethnicities and nationalities.

We specialize in serving authentic Pan African cuisine and a variety of other customized, multi-ethnic menus for blended yet distinct dishes. We have catered to various events with 30 to 1000 guests.

Contact us by phone at +1 647-705-5261 and/or by email mytasteofafrica@gmail.com. You can also find my Taste of Africa Catering & Event Group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See flyer for details.

~Wakenya Canada

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