President William Ruto responds to claim he could be Kenya’s authoritarian leader

President William Ruto has allayed fears that he could oversee an authoritarian regime as he starts serving his term as Kenya’s fifth president.

An authoritarian leader makes decisions on policies, procedures and group objectives with little or no input from his or her team members or followers.

Dr Ruto said he won’t, nonetheless, compromise on service delivery and integrity of those serving in his government.

The president was interviewed by Al-Jazeera’s James Bays. The interview aired on Al-Jazeera at 7:30am East Africa Time (EAT) on Saturday, September 24.

In framing his question, Bays said: “I have been reading lots of profiles about you (Ruto). They all say you are very hardworking and determined, but also tough and sometimes uncompromising. Some people are speculating that you might have an authoritarian streak. So, are you the right man to build consensus?”

In response, President Ruto said: “I think I have a history of building consensus. A majority of the people who have worked with me have come to appreciate that yes, I’m firm, I’m determined, I’m focused, and that’s the only reason I have gotten myself here (presidency). Unless you are that firm, you can’t get anything done.

“However, the consensus I have built to win this election should confirm to you and all that I’m a consensus person. I wouldn’t have put together the team that gave me the opportunity to win this election.”

Read more: https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/national/article/2001456498/president-ruto-responds-to-claim-he-could-be-kenyas-authoritarian-leader

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