Proverbs & Sayings – Luo

Wahenga walisema mwacha mila ni mtumwa

From Rose Nyakwaka

  1. Aora mar wat iridrok ye mos – Tread softly in matters concerning relatives. Do not be too hard on them
  2. Kar chuny jatuo – Give a sick person what he desires
  3. Lak chogo- Even teeth are bones
  4. Lit to ok chwer remo – The death of a loved one can be so painful but it cannot pain to the point of bleeding
  5. Ok inyal nego chwarni gi lwedo achiel – You can’t kill lice with one finger
  6. Acham ayieng nonego suna – If you eat till you are full you may get killed
  7. Kama iluokorie ok itwoe – Where you have bathed, do not wait to dry there
  8. Mikai okloki makata oonge nyalo – The 1st wife is not changed even if she is disabled
  9. Wat imedo gi osiep – You strengthen blood relationship with friendship
  10. Chako chono oloyo dhi i ajuoga. -A stitch in time saves nine
  11. Alot michayo ematero kuon – What you look down upon might save you one day.

~Wakenya Canada

9 Comments on Proverbs & Sayings – Luo

  1. Great initiative Esther ! Our different communities in Kenya have very deep sayings. Let’s celebrate them all by learning their proverbs

  2. Awesome leaves me asking for more surely we have more proverbs than this…tin to mit

  3. Sweet words to note

  4. Nice compilation of dholuo proverbs.

  5. Tin to mit yawa,,,

  6. Gima ber iweyo gi mit me- Do not over exploit a good thing.

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