Samuel Nyaga says thank you. Now I belong and no more “go back where you came from”

Never ever be discouraged during stormy times, we are all in this together

By Wambui Essie.

The primary value of news is as a utility to empower the informed; that’s what I was taught in J-School. As a journalist, the one thing I always hope for is to be able to make a positive difference in someone’s life. And in the time that I’ve been in the media, I don’t recall doing a story that had a such a fast and direct impact as the one of Samuel Ndesanjo Nyaga.

I broke this story with one goal in mind and that has been achieved. Creating awareness and sympathy for this man paved a path for him to continue living his life in Canada, a place he has called home for almost 22 years. I count this as a 2021 miracle and it’s a new year’s gift that I’ll treasure.

Nyaga’s story: http://wakenyacanada.com/canada-deporting-a-senior-after-22-years-in-the-country/

Update: On December 30, 2021, Nyaga’s appeal to remain in Canada on humanitarian & compassionate grounds was approved and the removal order from Canada invalidated. It may not be officially acknowledged, but bringing this case to the public domain pointed it towards those with power to review and/or alter its outcome.

Nyaga has written a thank you letter to wakenyacanada.com and everyone who supported him.

In his words

Thanks, and wishing you all a prosperous and Happy New Year!

First and foremost, I am still here in Canada, the same location I have lived since 2000. I am now resettling after a grueling six months of pressure on me. Finally, after 22 years, now free.

Essie and WakenyaCanada, thanks for breaking my story, publishing it and making it public. I was suffering alone, almost perished, but after you wrote it, and by God’s grace, the deportation order was finally stopped. I had many representatives crusaded by you. They followed your footsteps; the headline was heartbreaking. Now I belong and no more “going back where you came from!”

To all those petitioners, community leaders, religious organizations [Kenya Global Church Toronto & Miracle Arena for All Nations}, media, former employers, residence owners and residents, regulars in my sports and recreation spots, relatives, motherland supporters in Canada, government officials, TTC staff, Toronto Public Library staff; financial and other material supporters, spiritual guides and my lawyers, I salute you.

Never ever be discouraged during stormy times, we are all in this together.

Canada, we stand on guard for thee. Kenya, justice be our shield and defender. Justice prevailed. I love Canada. God bless Kenya.

Samuel Ndesanjo Nyaga

~WakenyaCanada Twitter @westesita

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