Fitashe brings you a true taste of Kenya

Are you missing the taste of home, familiar comfort foods, healthy tasty meals whose recipes you’ve mastered? Are you interested in a culturally meaningful gift for your Canadian friends, neighbours or colleagues? Do you want your Canadian kids to grow up knowing and enjoying Kenyan foods? Or are you in need of familiar, traditional, natural detoxing and immune boosters?

Look no further than Fitashe Foods, a Canadian-based store that sources all its products from Kenya. Fitashe has a fresh stock and it’s going fast. Contact Fitashe by phone on +1 416-856-7531.

Stock includes the usual Kenyan favourites – Ugali flour (white, #2), black tea (leaves and bags), tea masala, pilau masala, simba mbili curry powder (vegetarian), wimbi 3 types – pure for ugali and fermented for porridge.

Hot sellers – Farmer’s sausages (pork) and njahi.

Healthy trends – yellow beans, touted immune booster omena flour that is also made to appeal to kids, moringa powder and seeds and hibiscus tea.

Must haves –muthokoi, dry maize, ndengu, peas, red & brown beans, dry greens like managu, and moringa (powder and seeds).

Nostalgic gems – Mabuyu, red groundnuts, cowboy cooking oil, cocoa, blue band roiko and arimis (skincare).

How to get the products

Collection point – Fitashe organizes collection points within the GTHA (Greater Toronto Hamilton Area), where they deliver orders to clients at a predetermined location and time.

Shipment – Fitashe ships to clients in other Ontario regions and Provinces across Canada. For this, a minimum order of $58 + shipping and handling fees is required, with full payment at the point of order.

Contact Fitashe by phone on +1 416-856-7531 to check product availability and to make an order.

Fitashe Grocery Store – The true Kenyan Taste!

~WakenyaCanada (sponsored post)

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