African My Tradition


I sit with them at lunch. I eat with my hands it’s said that’s undignified. I am offered cutlery for correct culturally accepted manners to use in public. I refuse. I am [...]

Avoid these 6 types of toxic people


There are many different types of people that you will encounter throughout your lifetime. While no two individuals are exactly the same, there are certain people with [...]



Tajiri kanunua mbuzi! Akamwambia mpishi! “Nyama nusu ipike pilau na nyingine itie kwenye friza! Kichwa fanya supu na miguu fanya mchuzi chukuchuku! Ngozi [...]

What I have learnt about grief


I don’t know when you first dealt with the topic of death but mine must have been during my preteen years when a friend passed away in a drowning accident.  Her family [...]

Muslim burial rites explained


By Mohammed Hersi I have been asked by a few of my Christian brethren about Muslim burial rites, more so with the demise of our elder Mzee Yusuf Haji. Firstly, we rarely [...]

A grim commemoration


What’s on my mind? Today, January 25th marks one year since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Canada. Canada’s patient zero was a man in his 50s who had [...]
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