Kenyan-Canadian woman dies while live streaming on Facebook

It is with a heavy heart that we report the passing of Hellen Nyabuto (Hellen Wendy on Facebook) of North York, Ontario, Canada.

Hellen died by drowning on Thursday afternoon while swimming in a pool in Collingwood, Ontario.  

She was a member of the African Centre in Toronto, who confirmed that Hellen was a newcomer in Canada and had travelled to Collingwood for a job.

At the start of the live video, Hellen speaking primarily in Swahili, informs her followers that she was just from work and wanted to spend her afternoon at the pool.

Note: Wakenyacanada made an editorial decision not to share the distressing video.

“It’s two o’clock here…nimetoka job, niko pool, just having some fun…maji ni baridi…” Wendy, who appears to be alone in the pool, says.

According to Fred Amisi who spoke to Hellen’s boyfriend on Friday afternoon, Hellen was alone at the pool.

In the video, Hellen reads some viewer comments while swimming a short distance away and back to the camera. Her last appearance is at the 10th minutes before she ventures further into the pool. Moments later, she is heard screaming before she goes silent.

Her live video continues running for over three hours before a man emerges and is heard talking to a second person in the background before the video ends.

“It looks like a real person…,” the second man is heard saying.

Wendy’s bio on Facebook indicates she studied Pre-Nursing (RN) at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University).

In these moments of shock and sorrow, Hellen’s loved ones are asking to remember them in prayer as Hellen had lost an uncle earlier the same day.

Ontario Provincial Police confirmed a woman had drowned in a Chatsworth pool on Aug. 18, and that investigators were aware video of the incident had been posted on social media. “Steps are being taken” to have the video removed from social media, OPP said. The recording of the livestream has been removed from Facebook (Updated Aug 22).

More information including funeral plans will be communicated as it becomes available.

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