This is a never again 2007 moment for Jamhuri: Flora Terah

in 2017 Terah was abducted and tortured in Kenya for her political ambitions

On September 9th 2007, Flora Igoki Terah, a Kenyan Parliamentary Candidate for the North Imenti Constituency in the Meru district of Kenya, was attacked and tortured by a gang of three men near her Meru home. All the while, her attackers repeatedly warned her against running for the Parliamentary seat. In March 2008 her only child, a 19-year old footballer, was murdered in Nairobi in an apparent attempt to silence his mother, a fierce defender and advocate for human rights.

This is Terah’s plea to Kenyans not to take the country back to the horror and violence of 2007/8.

I am a very optimistic woman. Kenya is my motherland, will sink or float with it. I am of the old school of thought when it comes to Kenyan politics these days; so as a Peace medallist I will advocate and preach peace.

Today we are at a decision-making point and I’m saying this decision is “NEVER AGAIN MOMENT”.

My never again moment is “we are not taking Jamhuri back to 2007”. I won’t let any mother cry herself to sleep like I do; I will never let any mother wish they could hide their children back in their womb.

What is this fear being flashed around by political actors? I have watched leaders focus on what is wrong instead of focusing on what is right. No mother will lose their child this year. We are not going to fight on tribal lines. The only tribe left today is ‘the tribe of Kenya’.

Kenya my praying nation, evaluate yourself and remember the conscious decision you made in April 2008, when you stopped the PEV (post-election violence).

There are about 48 million of us, the people who are seeking to lead are only a marginal fraction. What on earth are we fighting each other for? For these few privileged elite who will later meet in their 5-star settings for a cup of tea or Gin and Tonic? Let’s audit our emotions and sail through this August. Let us show the world that justice is our “shield and defender”. Let’s have free and fair elections, where the best man or woman wins.

Terah is the author of two books: They Never Killed My Spirit – But They Murdered My Only Child (2008) and Life Beyond Pain published in 2015. She now lives in Canada.

She is also the Founder of The Wanawake Violence Prevention Team – EA and Ambassador for ShelterBox Canada.

Essie Wambui

~Wakenya Canada

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