Proverbs & Sayings – Kikuyu

Mwacha mila ni mtumwa

From Solomon Maina

  1. Kwa mwaria gûkîûra, kwa mûkiri kûorire tene.
    This implies on the person who speaks out his/her problems out vs the reticent/introvert who keeps things to her/himself. The one who speak out can get help (gwake gûtikoore) and the one who holds things doesn’t get help (gwake gûkoora).
  2. Gatitû karî ngoro koinagwo nî mwene.
    Gatitû (a small bush) that is in the heart (ngoro) is only the owner who gathers firewood in that small bush. This implies that the secrets in ones heart are only known to that person. He/she can decide to speak them out or not.
  3. Mwîyetheri ndarî karo gatuuhu.
    The person who tills different lands in pursuit of daily bread always has a sharp dibbling stick (karo), (mûro) the big one. The proverb emphasizes on persistence in pursuit of something. Don’t give up even if the “tools” you are working with are not that suitable.
  4. Mwetereri arîaga ya mûgwatio.
    Literally, the person who waits eats the best sweet potato (ngwacî ya mûgwatio). The best sweet potato grows deep in the soil, and it takes a little longer time before it’s harvested. The proverb is urging on patience, waiting for the best things.
  5. Hiti îtanyira, ndîagaga kûnora.
    This refer to the hyena that eats indiscriminately (ndînyiraga). It is always fat, since it can eat anything edible on its way. Small things/ventures, may end up into big things/ventures.

~Wakenya Canada

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