Proverbs & Sayings – Maasai

Mwacha mila ni mtumwa!

From Lynn Dikirr

  1. Menyaanyuk enchikati enkutuk o enolkurum – Bad words (abuse) coming from the mouth is worse than a fart i.e what you say with your mouth will not be forgotten easily but a fart will go with the wind.
  2. Merrip oldia inkang’tie are – A dog cannot guard two homes.
  3. Medol Ilala osina – Teeth don’t see trouble/poverty i.e people can still laugh even when in lots of trouble.
  4. Meing’ua oloitiko isirat lenyena – A zebra takes its stripes wherever it goes. You can never leave/forget your culture.
  5. Memurut emurt endukuya – The neck can never get above the head.
  6. Metii ng’en eleji – No one is wise that has been fooled/lied to.
  7. Meituruk enkume – The nose can never lead.

~Wakenya Canada

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