Proverbs & Sayings – Luo

Wahenga walisema mwacha mila ni mtumwa

From Rose Nyakwaka

  1. Aora mar wat iridrok ye mos – Tread softly in matters concerning relatives. Do not be too hard on them
  2. Kar chuny jatuo – Give a sick person what he desires
  3. Lak chogo- Even teeth are bones
  4. Lit to ok chwer remo – The death of a loved one can be so painful but it cannot pain to the point of bleeding
  5. Ok inyal nego chwarni gi lwedo achiel – You can’t kill lice with one finger
  6. Acham ayieng nonego suna – If you eat till you are full you may get killed
  7. Kama iluokorie ok itwoe – Where you have bathed, do not wait to dry there
  8. Mikai okloki makata oonge nyalo – The 1st wife is not changed even if she is disabled
  9. Wat imedo gi osiep – You strengthen blood relationship with friendship
  10. Chako chono oloyo dhi i ajuoga. -A stitch in time saves nine
  11. Alot michayo ematero kuon – What you look down upon might save you one day.

~Wakenya Canada

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