Diaspora Kenyans

Proverbs & Sayings – Kamba


From Ruth Mwende Nguli syoonthe iyiania musuoni umwe. – All monkeys cannot hang on one branch.Utatembeaa aasya iny’ia nowe wisi kuua – The person who has [...]

Proverbs & Sayings – Kalenjin


Ngosamis murya kobo kot nebo – Even if a rat smells, it belongs to some family. This proverb is used mainly to encourage families with wayward children that no matter [...]

Proverbs & Sayings – Luhya


From Isaiah Esipisu; Abanyole (Luhya) Community Ria omululu wakona khabili – Be fearful of the mighty in order to see another day.Amatsi kaila omwellema – Water [...]

Grass Will Grow by Jonathan Kariara


Grass will grow by Kenyan Poet, Jonathan Kariara [1935-1993]. If you should take my child LordGive my hands strength to dig his gravecover him with earthLord send a little [...]
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