The Power of a vision

Seek to dwell on the positive ideas or dreams that improve humanity

Every human being has been designed in a unique way, with different abilities and capabilities depending on their individual purpose in Life.

Many times we tend to compare ourselves with others especially those who we think are ahead of us in one aspect or another. They seem to have it all together not knowing that our path to a glorious destiny is an individual path full of adventure (this does not rule out the place of mentors and role models).

Life is a precious gift and is meant to be an interesting and an exciting discovery which keeps unfolding every day.  We have to learn to appreciate this precious gift of life and be committed to living it fully but within the stipulated parameters of the rule of law.

For us to be fulfilled in life we have to understand that every one of us is wired differently for a specific individual assignment on earth. When you discover that which you were created for, life becomes exciting and enjoyable and each day finds you full of energy to pursue your dream. Let me expound more on the Power of a Vision.

What is a Vision?Vision is the picture or idea you have in your mind of what you want to become in life. It could be in relation to your business, ministry, family, etc.

Simply illustrated:

  • Vision creates mental pictures
  • Pictures create emotions
  • emotions create actions
  • Actions create deeds
  • Deeds lead to destiny achievement

Your Vision is the compass that gives you direction in life.

Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there’s no vision people perish.”

Vision gives and keeps our hope alive irrespective of prevailing circumstances. It keeps unfolding as we endeavor to step out. Every dream, idea or vision has answers to peoples’ needs, problems, challenges and question and is designed to be a source of hope and strength to humanity. One of the major barriers to people living out their dreams is the fear factor. In fact, the fear of failure has kept many from actualizing that which they already know within themselves.

Let me submit to you here that as a matter of truth it’s really an element of pride that is a great setback. Many people don’t want to do something just in case it doesn’t work out. What will people think of me? I refer to this as the “what if” phenomenon.  To effectively conquer this hurdle, one must have a positive mentality and approach and instead think “what if I succeed”.  

The Power of a Vision: The Faith Factor

In every God given Vision there is provision though there are many dynamics and challenges to maneuver through.  One major factor to really actualizing our dreams is what I call the “faith factor”.  When you have faith in yourself and in God then much of the battle is half won.

Life is about taking Risks or what we refer to as stepping out by Faith. Let me give you an illustration here.

When we get into a room and want to sit down on a chair, we don’t first wonder whether the chair is strong enough to hold or try it first before sitting.  No, we simply take a seat we have faith in the chair or in whoever set that chair.

Similarly when we are flying somewhere, we don’t go first to the Pilot to enquire of his ability or qualifications to operate the plane. Instead, we just settle on our reserved seat and wait to take off.  That’s Faith. In the same way we should all have faith in the God who designed us and wired us for He knows our ability, capacity and capability to do that which He has called us to do. (Philippians 4.13)

Godly visions, ideas or dreams have several dynamics including

  • They are Received as a Revelation

Dreams and godly visions are not communal and but rather released to individuals.  They may look similar or alike but there is always a distinguishing factor. They are not normally based on our human ability or skills but the divine factor I call grace. This is a godly factor which doesn’t come due to our qualifications – instead qualifies us. (You can read more about this in my 2016 book titled “Unlimited Grace”)

  • Godly visions or ideas are fulfilled through obedience

When we step out in obedience the grace to accomplish is activated. You do not have to understand all the ABCs of the vision. It keeps unfolding daily as we stay in obedience. Also never be in a hurry as you don’t need to be ahead of anybody. Just endeavor to keep to your rank. You can learn from others but make sure to be yourself. As I mentioned earlier on, we are wired differently. Always endure the process to enable the vision to stabilize. One mentor cautioned me against over analysis which leads to paralysis.

  • Every vision or idea aims at serving others

Every godly vision and dream seeks to serve other people and improve their lives for the better. Conversely, there are other wicked ideas which seek to do the opposite.  Let your individual script seek to dwell on the positive ideas or dreams that improve humanity to live the life intended for them and advance the Kingdom of God; the ever progressing kingdom that is never limited by human perceptions or mentality.

  • Visions are given for people’s growth and betterment and not to profit an individual

In as much as Rivers flow with water and never stop to drink the water or bees produce honey that they never eat; bear in mind that in as much as godly visions fulfil you, you are to be a channel of blessings to others. When you are supernaturally empowered (graced) you in turn seek to empower others, which keeps flowing from one generation to another.

  • They are accompanied by an inward peace

Though there are outward challenges and opposition before actualization, Godly inspired visions are accompanied by an inward peace The assurance we develop mostly in trusting God to have our dreams, ideas or visions accomplished gives us the inner peace and joy as visionaries to know that “He who began the good work in us is faithful to complete it” (Philippians 1.6).

  • They are compelling and captivating until fulfilled

Good ideas can be dropped for something better but godly visions and dreams are captivating and compel us to keep doing what we believe in, in spite of prevailing challenges or setbacks. There’s more joy and fulfilment in life when we are in our place of calling and purpose serving God and humanity.

Dr. Wale Akinyemi Powertalks, Exerts from Platforms of Our Walk with God by Rev. Sue Karanja.

By Rev. Sue Karanja, President Visionary Woman. Email:- [email protected]

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