Uhuru hints at allowing Miguna’s return

President Uhuru Kenyatta has hinted that lawyer Miguna Miguna co​_uld be allowed back into the country without the drama that accompanied his last return.

The President speaking on Monday in Murang’a during the funeral service of the late Charles Rubia, said freedom of expression was everyone’s right.

“I have heard that some people are now planning to fly into the country. Let them come because that is their freedom,” Uhuru said.

“Nobody has been stifled from speaking freely. Let us use that freedom of speech to preach unity and help fight corruption. Empty rhetoric will not help anything.” the President said.

Miguna earlier this month announced he will return to Kenya in January following his acrimonious deportation to Canada in 2018.

The vocal lawyer said he will be landing at Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on January 11, almost two years after his dramatic arrest and deportation.

He took to Twitter to announce his return and tagged Chief Justice David Maraga, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights and the Law Society of Kenya in his widely-shared tweet.

In a clear anticipation of another round of ugly confrontations with state authorities, Miguna gave out phone numbers of lawyers and offices to be contacted in case anything happens to him.

Among those listed include his personal lawyer John Khaminwa.

Moments after Uhuru’s speech in Murang’a, Miguna took to Twitter again blaming the President for his ‘forceful’ deportation.

“You drugged and illegally forced me out of Kenya on March 29, 2018, with no papers except an illegally-booked air ticket. I’ll use LEGALLY-ISSUED air tickets.

on Jan 7, 2020. RETURN my VALID Kenyan Passport as ORDERED by the Courts,” he tweeted.

“When you illegally broke into my house using explosives, abducted, tortured then LOCKED me out of my own home and country, my “papers” inside my house and those you illegally seized are still mine. COMPLY with Court Orders. Return/Issue my passport. Stop DISOBEYING court orders.”


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