New system will bring families of immigrants to Canada faster

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser says the government is using a new system to bring spouses, children and parents of recent immigrants to Canada more quickly.

Family members who want to move to Canada can apply to join their sponsor while they wait for their permanent residency to be approved, but they’re often denied the necessary visa because of concerns they’re unlikely to leave once it expires.

The new system uses advanced analytics to identify people who have a permanent residency application in the system and approve their visa to visit Canada more quickly.

The minister says he hopes the turnaround time will now be as short as 30 days.

He says the approval rate for applications under the new system is higher than 98 per cent.

Fraser said at a press conference in Vancouver today that spouses and dependent children with a temporary visa will also be given open work permits, regardless of whether they apply before or after they arrive in Canada.

The Canadian Press

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