Queens Ministry launch in Canada: Interview with founder Joan Wairimu

By empowering and setting the woman loose you will be setting free the whole nation

For an insight into what the Queens Nite Dinner and Queens Ministry International is all about, Wakenya Canada’s Essie Wambui interviewed Pastor Joan wairimu, founder and president of Queens Ministry International.

Essie: First off, who is Pastor Joan Wairimu?
Pastor Joan: She Is an anointed vessel of honour, a renowned Gospel singer, a preacher of the true living Word, inspirational, multinational speaker and a mother of three children.

Essie: You are inviting women in Canada to come together on the 27th of July for Queens Nite Dinner. What is Queens Night and why should one attend?
Pastor Joan: Queens Nite is a date night out for all the ladies, referred to as Queens, with their King of Kings Jesus Christ. It is a life-changing night where destinies are shaped, ladies are empowered, potential unlocked and spiritual revival happens. More so, the ladies come to reconnect with their King and understand who they are.

It is impossible to spend a night with King Jesus and remain the same. As per your name, so shall you be. If God has called you a queen, then walk like one, talk like one and think like one. Each and every one will dress like the queens we are from the heart out.

Essie: When did you start the Ministry and why?
Pastor Joan: The Queens ministry started in 2006. I had been in a long period of prayer and fasting for God’s direction in my life. He spoke to me clearly and said, “Gather them for me for I am in need of them.” In Mathew 21:1, Jesus sent two of his disciples ahead saying to them, “Go into the village in front of you, and you will find a donkey tied, and a colt with her. Untie them and bring them to me.” He then told the disciples: “If anybody questions you, tell them that the Lord is in need of them.” So as is in that verse, the Lord told me; “Go and untie and set her loose for I am in need of her!”

The inaugural Queens Nite was in Nairobi, at the Kenya Cinema auditorium where the Lord gathered 800 women on that one night. Overwhelmed and shocked by the turn up, I prayed for God to give me a message. Then I opened the Bible and landed on Isaiah 62, a scripture that I had never read before. Verse 2 says that you shall be called by a new name, the name the mouth of the Lord has named. You will be called Hephzibah (restored queen) and your land Beulah. And that is how Queens ministry was born. It is the name that God Himself has given us.

Essie: Why specifically focus on Women?
Pastor Joan: It is important to understand that as long as a woman is bound, her children are bound too; the church is bound, the nation is bound, and simply the whole world is bound. By empowering and setting the woman loose you will therefore be setting free the whole nation. God sent me into the world to untie a woman and transform her into a queen. So I embarked on a journey to gather the women.

I primarily focus on women because everybody is called into a certain assignment. Finding that assignment is what we call a vision – the unfolding of God’s plan about an individual’s life. An understanding that you are called to fulfill a particular course and discovery of that course. My Vision is clear and it is to transformation a woman into a Queen.

Being a pastor, I’m also called into shepherding the sheep of Jesus Christ and that goes for all souls including men, the youth, children, everybody. Nurturing and mothering are my strongest strengths.

Essie: You ask the ladies to wear their best, most elegant attire. Why?
Pastor Joan: One good problem I have with us ladies is that we have time for everybody except ourselves. Taking care of ourselves is crucial so that we can take care of those that we love. So, on Queens Nite, we will pamper ourselves, wear nice, decent, royal gowns, put on high heels and makeup and look beautiful for our king from the heart out.

Essie: Can you talk about the agenda of the night?
Pastor Joan: A lot of wonderful things happen during those hours of the night and everyone should expect to have the experience of a lifetime. The main agenda is to bring ladies to dine together and to come into a realization of who we really are in God’s eyes.  We start with inspirational talks of encouragement from women who were once down but have been uplifted. Those who have gone from nothing to something, zero to (S)hero. This is meant to encourage those that may be feeling alone or isolated. Remember, temptation is common to all so if someone else made it, you too can make it no matter what you’re going through.

We also have a session of praise and worship, dancing for the King of Kings. For this, I ask the ladies to bring their dancing shoes. After that, we dine on a sumptuous dinner. Thereafter, we get into powerful ministrations from various Gospel singers that will be in the house. And finally I will deliver the message of the King of Kings Jesus to His queens.

Essie: What part do you still play in Queens Ministry Internationally and how do you ensure the chapters remain true to the original vision?
Pastor Joan: By God’s grace Queens Ministry is thriving in Kenya, the United States and has a chapter in the United Kingdom. In the USA, the ministry is very strong through the leadership of three Queens; Dr. Monica Kang’ethe, Pauline Waiyoho and Dr. Catherine Gathuka Franklin – whom I ordained and released to serve in the Queens Ministry. The Bible says that whatsoever is born of God shall overcome the world. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, we have seen God’s faithfulness. It is indeed a clear confirmation that this vision is born of God. Exodus 14:14 says, the Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still.

Essie: Canada is a big country and you are starting out in Ontario. What are your goals for the Ministry in Canada and do you plan to reach out to other provinces?
Pastor Joan: Our goal is to make sure Queens Ministry spreads its wings all over Canada in all the ten Provinces and three Territories. The journey of a thousand miles starts with just a step. I am calling on all ladies everywhere in Canada to connect with me and let us spread the fire across this beautiful country.

The Vision of Queens Ministry is to see a restored and empowered woman of destiny in her rightful purpose as a queen. Our Mission is to rebuild and reconnect a woman to their Kingdom mandate through holistic empowerment in all righteousness.

The Inaugural Queens Nite Canada was held on July 27, 2018 in Mississauga.

Essie Wambui for wakenyacanada.com.

~Wakenya Canada

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