Want your kids to learn Swahili? Connect with SwahiliKIDS

Many parents  from Swahili speaking countries would like to pass on the language to their children, but they are often hindered by lack of learning resources.

SwahiliKIDS address those barriers by providing free, fun and easy Swahili learning resources accessible online. It’s good for independent learning or with little supervision from a parent, giving your child the endless benefits of learning a new language and culture in the comfort of your home.

Connect with SwahiliKIDS on their portal https://www.swahilikids.com/.

Designed by native Swahili Speakers living in Canada, SwahiliKIDS aims to promote culture, preserve identity and honour the heritage of these African people. The lessons are structured to offer bilingual (Swahili with English translation) resources to facilitate self-directed and self-paced learning, suitable for both native and non-native speakers.

Parents, educators and students are supported with linguistic and culturally relevant Swahili learning resources. These child friendly resources can be accessed in different formats to support reading, writing, comprehension and speaking competencies.

The free online portal is for kids in Canada and across the world, and currently has subscribers from over 20 countries.

Essie Wambui @westesita


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