New High Commissioner for Kenyans in Canada

The High Commissioner-Designate of Kenya to Canada and Cuba, Amb. John Lepi Lanyasunya, MBS, arrived in Ottawa, Canada on February 23rd, 2015.

Ambassador Lanyasunya, a career diplomat, has previously served as Kenya’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany and as a non-resident Ambassador to Austria, Romania and Bulgaria. He has also served as Kenya’s High Commissioner to Australia and as a non-resident High Commissioner to New Zealand.

Prior to his appointment to the new post, Amb. Lanyasunya served as Director, Asia and Australasia Directorate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Nairobi.

  • Kenya High Commission Ottawa

Opinion: Over the years, Kenyans in Canada have complained of poor service delivery and inefficiency by the High Commission. There is also a perceived lack of interaction [be it social, economic or otherwise] from their representatives here. There is a collective hope that Amb. Lanyasunya brings the change many have been hoping/petitioning for.

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